Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bunny Poop Necklace

Memorial Day weekend was fun! We were lucky enough to catch my Grandma's wondeful Catholic sisters who were visiting, and upon being shown the rosary I gave Grandma for Mother's Day, they each ordered one of their own! Those two, plus an earring commission, and another ring commission through my etsy shop makes four orders in one day. Maybe I can do well at this after all? I ran to the craft store to peruse the beads and didn't find any I liked today but did find some antiqued copper headpins (the ones I ordered on etsy seem to have been stolen or lost in the mail!) [edit: nevermind it was just the post office being slow] and I finally made the much-anticipated Bunny Poop Necklace. One for me, and one for the shop!

1 comment:

Inertiacide said...

Catholic relatives are great because they like pretty things and have money!

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