Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to get a bunny to sit still

I have a pet holland lop named Hlao. I had my first bunny as a teenager and I find now that they make wonderful apartment pets, especially when noise and pet fees are an issue. We've had him for about two months and he is sweet but doesn't like to be cuddled or picked up yet. He especially doesn't like to hold still for me to take a picture! He recently learned that he can jump up on the couch, and did so tonight. As we sat and watched The Fugitive on dvd, he jumped up and sat next to us, and was sitting still long enough that I was going to go get the camera and give it a shot. Then I noticed the reason he was sitting still was he was laying a wonderful little pile of hraka for us. Damn bunny.

Anyway, here's some felted bunny poop.

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Saint Kitten said...

Cute felt poop!
I have two bunnies and they like to leave presents an certain places...naughty buns.
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