Thursday, June 21, 2007

Liver of Sulfer - MMMmmm

Bleh! I got the liquid kind though so I actually can't smell it when I have the range hood turned on. I made a rough version of the silver squares ring to see what the patina would look like on the uneven surface, and I love it! I made this one in a size 7 1/2 and listed it for sale. Click on it to see more pictures.

I also got two rosary orders this morning outside of Etsy. Swarovski, all the way :)


marsha said...'s got that gorgeous vintagey patina to it ... it's lovely!!!

Megan said...

Very cool!

TrueMirage said...

I just learned about the liquid kind while I was at a jewelry workshop. It seems to work so much better at creating multi-color patinas.

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