Saturday, June 9, 2007


I made a pictorial, that was a total blast! I crack me up sometimes.. I took photos of me making a ring, at every step. Please check it out! Feedback/comments welcome!

How to make a ring in 19 steps

Also, here is a picture of a pendant I made for my sister for her graduation gift.


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

You got me hooked! I read all 19 steps. That was great and I even laughed out loud about "you knew it would never really be round" or something like that. That was truly a treat! Great blog!

Sandy Coleman said...

I loved it! I don't make rings or pendants, but you did a great job of showing the steps. I understand now what goes into some of the items on etsy. Thanks, Sandy

marsha said...

*rushes off to check tutorial*

I would like to take up metal smithing one day ... it'll be great to make my own jewellery.

This is truly an inspiration!

marsha said...

That's a wonderful tutorial ... and a hilarious one at that! Great work!!! And like I said earlier, what an inspiration!!!

Jo said...

A great tutorial! How are your fingers now? Did the ice help?!

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