Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ever have a feeling that something isn't right? I was here at my computer in the office, and Hlao was out in the living room, as usual. I left him lounging in the corner under the kitchen table, and a few minutes later I jumped up and said, "I have a feeling!" Ran out and bunny was nowhere to be seen.. Quickly deducted he must be behind the couch and called for Boyfriend. I saw him pop out from behind the couch and start chewing on a big fat power cord! So we dove in and got him outta there fairly quickly, but not before he had time to shred one of Shayne's bass-amplifier cords. Goddamn bunny. First thing he ever destroyed, and it's because I didn't put back the bunny barrier blocking off the guitars. I feel really bad! I'll get some electrical tape and splice it back together and hopefully it will still work. Funny, my last bunny only ever shredded one thing, the cord to my very expensive favourite headphones. Do they have a thing against music?

On another note (I'm so punny), I made a pair of filigree teardrop earrings. Have a looksie:

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Inertiacide said...

But you fixed it and it works because you're smart!

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