Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So I was getting some candles from by the fireplace because my power went out earlier for a few minutes, and I needed light to take a shower. And I look on the floor tiles, and there is the nastiest bug crawling slowly along! Seriously, it looked like a cross between a hermit crab and a miniature mouse, but it wasn't crawling straight, it was kind of inching around, freaking me out. I put a glass over it and ran away. After my shower I had a little bit of bravery built up so I put my shoes on (still wearing only a towel) and inched my way over towards the beast. It was moving so weird, I thought it might be a drunken caterpillar or larva, since we have had problems with horseflies laying eggs in our place before. I jumped by it to look from another angle, and then I saw what it actually was. A Ladybug!!!! It was covered in a spiderweb, and half its legs weren't working, so I put it out of it's misery. Poor thing scared the $h!t out of me! Awww...

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