Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Springy Ring

I finally made the springy ring I've been thinking about for weeks. It was a bit of a battle to get both the inside ring and the coil to be even, and without a noticable joint from the soldering, but I made one! I will keep working on these because I want to get a system down, so I can offer them in specific sizes. A cool thing about it though, is the coil is actually springy enough to accomodate a size 7 thru 8 1/2 finger!


I bought a real jeweler's bench! And ordered a really nice leather chair to spoil myself when I'm working at it. The bench will be delivered on Wednesday and I'm very excited. And with the money left in my bench budget I can afford to replace the flush cutters I mucked up the other day by accident! *whoops*

1 comment:

TrueMirage said...

once again, I love this. very clever design. congrats on the bench!

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