Saturday, September 8, 2007

I can do it!

Last week I recieved a large custom order for 14K gold rings. I got their deposit, ordered the materials, and went on vacation for a week. A week of total panic and regret, convincing myself I wouldn't be able to make these rings! So I got home late Thursday and got to work. I made a practice ring in silver first, and it was very easy and turned out great, except for slight problems polishing the inside of the ring. Then I tried to make the gold one, and realized that even though I knew the gold would be different to work with, it was MUCH stiffer than I thought and took my entire strength to hammer.

So here comes Friday, and I'm already stressed on time for this order, and I'm banging the hell out of these rings trying to make them round. I anneal, do my design, and bang some more. A couple pinched fingers, a LOT of polishing, some repair work on the solder seam... And must go to bed.

Saturday: Get up early, get to work. The ring is perfectly round, solder joint not visible, polish up the edges.. Holy Cow! I can make gold rings!

Just a little bit of finish-up polishing to do, and they are done! I am amazed I was able to pull this off. I was losing sleep thinking about the horror if I had to tell the customer "Sorry I can't do it after all". BOY are my arms sore though! LoL.

14K Gold Rings


Becca said...

These are pretty rings! Congratulations on completing them. :)

Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

these are gorgeous!

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