Saturday, February 16, 2008

Qassia Continued

So I spent some time on Qassia today and here is the dish:

You are there to earn Qassia Dollars (Q$). For each of your websites you submit, you can allocate a percentage of your Q$ to advertise that site. For instance, I listed several links to pages of mine, but allocated 100% of my advertising Q$ to, because it has very in-depth tracking and I will be able to see any results tomorrow morning. Supposedly the more Q$ you have for one website, the higher it will rank on their directory. (The website is still in beta mode, so the directory is not avalable yet to see this in action.)

How do you earn Qassia Dollars? Well, the best is by referring a new user. They have to sign up and click on their confirmation link sent to their e-mail. I was amazed but in the last few hours 12 people have signed up from reading my last blog post!

Another way to earn Qassia Dollars is to write "intel". This is a squidoo lens kind of thing, where you can write an article. About anything. Kind of dumb, but you earn Q$ for each one you post.

I've read a ton of these "intel"s today and most of them are completely uninteresting - but! -- You also earn a couple Qassia Dollars for screening them. So do this a lot, and you can really build up your Q$!

So basically, its a free site that hopefully will get my site link high up on a directory listing. If you have some spare time, come sign up.


Anonymous said...

I joined Qassia today too...and got a sale through my paypal shop on my blog! The person that bought that bag probably wouldn't have found me if she hadn't read one of my intels.

island sweet said...

hi nicole. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.take care.

njm said...

I joined Qassia yesterday. I hope it brings me views and ultimately sales.

Glad to see others are jumping on the bandwagon as well.

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