Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunshine is an Amateur Jewelry Photographer's Friend

More new photos! I hated the original photos of these two pairs of earrings, but its been rainy and gloomy for so long here in Portland I had to take photos without sunlight. Here you see the outcome of the "gloom photos", enhanced as much as possible to bring them from the darkness:

Skinny Hoops 1Tiny 1/2 inch Hoops

And today the sun is out, and even though I only have north-facing windows, shaded by a deep balcony and some trees, they turned out soooo much better, with little or no graphics fiddling at all!

3/4 Inch Hammered Hoops1/2 Inch Hammered Hoops

(These are available at


Chimera Crochet said...

Beautiful earings- I love the texture! And you're right, that second set REALLY sparkles. Look at all the edges catching the sunlight!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I've been playing with using sunlight instead of photo tent and lights, too, and today I played the game of "race across the room when the sun went behind the clouds" -- I haven't figured out the perfect mix yet, but looks like you have!

Tricia said...

Your jewelry is so beautiful! Wish i could you send some of our just won't stop snowing! We are tired of shovelling!!

Mary Ann said...

Nothing beats natural light. I always seem to have something ready to photo on rainy days.

Kellybot said...

Argh! The elusive winter sun! Bane of my existence.

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