Saturday, March 22, 2008

Going out of town! Just in time for my print ad too (grr)

So I'm totally excited about the Bust Magazine issue with the Etsy coop ad that apparently came out yesterday (I'm in it!!). But it comes right as I'm going out of town! I'll be in Tri-Cities until Wednesday or Thursday and then come home to fly out of PDX Friday morning with my Mom to visit her sister near San Francisco, until April 2nd. So ALL of my orders will be backed up until the third. Ugh! :P Oh well, I still hope I get tons and tons and have to file my little fingers to the bone when I get back.

Tri-Cities, WA
Look Ma, no trees!


Jewellery Craft said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving such nice comments! I have admired your jewellery from afar, its beautiful!


TheresaJ said...

Hi Nicole -- just wondering how your trip to SF went and if you stopped in to check out the two shops on Howard St and/or the sgop on Minna St too? Details please.... :)

- Theresa

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun. I knew where this was taken, duh, lol:O) later,

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