Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bust Magazine? Officially A Bust!

Back in March when Etsy offered affordable co-op advertising with Bust magazine, I got very excited! At $90, it was attainable, big-time advertising. I also thought the market was right up my alley. I hit refresh on my browser fast enough to nab a spot with 29 other Etsy sellers on a full-page advertising spread. I had some initial photo-difficulties, but submitted my ad, and rushed to buy a copy of the mag when it came out. My ad looked great, as did everyone elses! And then Etsy asked us to collect statistics concerning our ads. So I did. And BOY was I suprised.

When the ad came out in late March, my shop was right at 1000 hearts. It was my year anniversary on Etsy, and I had just reached this goal. I hadn't sold a set of the rings featured in the ads for several weeks. The rings had 6 hearts. At this time I upped the quantity available so I wouldn't lose track of the hits and hearts if I sold a set.

WeekShop HeartsShop SalesAd HeartsAd Sales

* I asked this customer and they did NOT find me through Bust Magazine

Though I don't have the weeks prior to the ad charted, the hearts and views and sales were much more frequent. In the last 7 weeks since the ad came out, these have all decreased dramatically. I know this must just be a coincidence, but I won't be shelling out $90 on advertising again any time soon!


Stockton said...

I have been really curious about what kind of results people got from those ads, thanks for sharing!

knitsteel said...

Thanks for the stats.
The ads are so tempting. I've never had an ad in a big mag, but none of my smaller ads have ever been productive.

It seems that overall visibility, combined with word-of-mouth, is the best publicity.

Karma by Morgan said...

good to know...

but looks like you have had some sales - so that is good

LazyTcrochet said...

Wow, that's unfortunate. Thanks for sharing!

SpinachNPeace said...

Hmmm...interesting. Thanks for the stats!

TheresaJ said...

Very useful information. Thanks for sharing in such a concrete way.

rachel said...

that's really good to know, thanks for posting about this! goes to show that all exposure isn't necessarily Worth It exposure.

Jenn Maruska said...

Thank you for sharing your stats with us. I've never gotten a sale on a day when I've done a Showcase... but I believe that some sales afterwards may be from people who've seen the Showcase. So - I hope the same happens for you and people come back to buy from you when they have a gift giving occasion or something. And, the magazines will be out there in the public for many, many months, even years - so you just never know! I wish you many sales! : )

Water's Edge Treasures said...

Just like everyone else, I'm really glad that you shared your experience with everyone here! I'm new to Etsy - I haven't even gotten my listings up yet - but I HAVE been poking around and have seen the ads that they were soliciting for and wondered how they did.

Good luck with sales in the future - Like Jenn Maruska said, those magazines will be around for a VERY long time - I know I have some going back 5, to 6 years that I still leaf through. So you never know who will find you and when!


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