Friday, May 18, 2007

My Workspace

Here it is, my astonishingly clean workbench! Aside from what you see here, I also employ: an open sliding glass door (just to the right of the table), a desk fan to blow any fumes out said door, a jug of water, and a fire extinguisher. I'm sure there's more.. I have a dozen or so pairs of pliers, a couple small anvils, hammers, and all my beads and findings etc scattered around the living room but this is my new soldering setup. I can't do too much obviously, because I had to start small, with a butane microtorch from Rio Grande. My "bench" is a four-foot costco folding table, I have a really ugly cheap Target rug underneath (just in case..) and I stand, rather than sit, because I find it more comfortable. The nifty pegboard backsplash was custom made for me by my super-handyman Dad. Next on my list of things to order: Weighted-base third hand, tumbler for polishing since my flex-shaft is not available right now, a lamp (!!!), and eventually a better torch.

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