Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Display Time

It's been ages since I was really into decoupage and origami and trinket boxes and decorating them. But I had the need to come up with some displays for my small jewelry items, to help them stand out on a big table amongst much larger items. So I got out my papers, my boxes, some foam rubber, my exact-o set, and my plethora of glues, and went to work. This is my 15-minute solution to needing displays - NOW. I hope to make some more, hopefully a little nicer, to have ready for when I actually have a booth at a show!


iSew said...

Great idea, these look gorgeous. It must be a lot easier to see things when they've got that solid color behind them. I hate looking at a cluttered table.

littleputbooks said...

Looks great! Very well done :O)

TrueMirage said...

really pretty.

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