Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Giant Redwoods: Make me want to build a brick house.

Since I'm busy procrastinating on a few jewelry orders I've recieved, I'll post one last set of photos from California. These are from Muir Woods National Monument just north of San Francisco. We didn't have time to actually hike in the park, which is a shame, but we did get a few photos from near the entrance. It definitely makes me want to visit Northern California's Redwood National and State Parks when I have a whole day to dedicate to hiking and photography. Click the photos to view more.

Giant Redwoods

Me, Looking Up in the Forest

Giant Redwoods

Look at the tiny people! ↑


Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

That's too bad that you didn't get to go explore ~ it's a beautiful area.

Candy W said...

Love your pictures they are nice and peaceful ... thanks for adding me as a friend in blog catalog...Make Money with CandyW

Karma by Morgan said...

beautiful! I hope to go there some day :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! i wish i could be there. I live in Cancun, and everything is sun , beach, some palm trees and sand.

Cali-delights said...

Beautiful Places, Makes me want to take a trip.

littlebird said...

wow i cannot believe how little the people are in the last photo!!!

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