Friday, May 23, 2008

Holy Crap I Actually Made A Sale Today

Wow. I know things are slow for crafters and retail in general but I just went 10 days between sales in my Etsy shop. (Thank you to K in Ireland for breaking this streak!) Actually I'm kind of at a loss as to which direction I should head in to try to stay afloat this summer. The few retailers I've approached generally seem interested at first but then decide not to place an order after all. I don't want to do consignment with my items being pretty expensive and with a high "Walk-Off" risk. My Etsy is completely dead, despite listing new items and new styles. My dot-com is also very very slow. I've made a few direct sales which were (thank goodness) high ticket transactions. So I can pay rent this coming week, but what about next month?? What do you fellow crafters do to keep things going?

On a brighter note, there is still time to enter my free earrings giveaway (Scroll down or click here). Winners will be drawn on Tuesday!


Brandy said...

Congrats on the sale! I made a sale today, too. Woo us.

Da Old Man said...

Good luck. I hope things get better soon. You have a talent. I have an idea, I'll email it to you, rather than write a long detailed explanation here. And it works with what you already do.

Da Old Man said...

Can I do a commercial here?

I bought an inexpensive ring from Nicole, and am very happy with it. More importantly, the Crotchety Old Lady was happy with it.

It was shipped quickly and very inexpensively.

Next time I have a jewelry need, I'll check Nicole's store first.

astula said...

man! I know! I do! your stuff is lovely though! I'll be saving for one of the gorgeous cocktail rings!

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