Thursday, May 1, 2008

Project Wonderful, How I love Thee, Week 2 Stats

So last week in my "Oh, How I love Project Wonderful" blog post, I listed some stats regarding my advertising with them. (Project Wonderful is a program where you bid on advertising space on people's websites. Visit their website for more info.)

Last week I had posted my stats as a response to a discussion in the Etsy forums. This week I intentionally set parameters to report on, including mostly a larger budget.

I had $30.00 to spend.

I ran just one advertising campaign this last week, with ads pointing to my Etsy shop, dot com, and my Dawanda shop. The default high bid on any ad was just .01 cent. I was still bidding mostly on spots on comic and fashion sites, and not too many etsy shop blogs.

Results over 7 days:

228,941 page views (141,300 unique)
2,168 unique clicks
total cost: $26.06
Comfirmed sales: 3, totalling about $120, from my Dawanda and dot-com stores. (This week I have added a disclaimer in my etsy shop headline that you will recieve a free polishing cloth if you tell me where you found me. So far no one has done so.)

Basically what I did was rely on sheer numbers of ads being shown to get clicks. This next week, I will focus more on targeted ads, like sites with keywords like Etsy, or jewelry. My total montly advertising budget is $50, so I'll be attempting to pay a total of $12.50 for the next week. I will, of course, let you know how it goes!

(note: I tried to keep track of clicks on specific clicks to to see how close they were to Project Wonderful's reports. They were not exactly the same, but almost. My website statistics reported 653 hits from my ads, while reported slightly more.)


timothy said...

awesome stats there..great work!


Waterrose said...

Thanks for the information!


I will have to check this out. thanks for the tip.

Gallery Juana said...

good information! I have a pair of your silver posts and love them!

Gallery Juana

Froggy said...

Great post on Project Wonderful advertising. I am just getting started with them so I have just been observing how things work so far.

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