Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dear Crazy Bead-Store Lady

< !---- begin mini-rant here - >

I know you're a little crazy, and thats ok. But when I'm in a HUGE hurry, please don't sell me crap when I ask for sterling silver. It solders funny, then ruins my pickle, I start wondering why it was copper-plated, I pickle it in H2O2 mix, it turns black, I dip it in silver cleaner, and THEN the lovely base metal appearance helps it dawn on me.. Blarg! "Sorry Mr. Customer, your order is delayed because I have to go buy one inch of real sterling silver chain."

< !---- end mini-rant. you may now resume your day - >


Beat Black said...

hehe, the crazies are taking over. i hope you didn't pay as much as you would if it was sterling

Nicole Solo said...

Ha, I probably did, but I only bought 2 or 3 feet and can't find the receipt for the life of me :p

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