Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Project Wonderful, How I love Thee, Week 3 Stats

(Project Wonderful is a program where you bid on advertising space on people's websites. Visit their website for more info.)

Last week in my stats report on Project Wonderful, I went for the broad approach - to reach as many viewers as possible, with the hopes that out of sheer numbers, I would recieve more traffic. This week I'm reporting on targeted ad campaigns, with a slightly higher but still very low budget. Here are the results.

My budget was $12.50
I ended up spending about $14.00 with the added revenue from my own ad boxes, which you see to the right on my blog.

I ran a total of 6 campaigns with keywords such as "Etsy", "handmade", and "jewelry". The high bid on any one spot was between .03 and .20 cents. I also bid manually on 110 high-traffic, or etsy related sites, with a max bid between .00 and .20 cents.

Results over 6 days (my account balance was depleted Tuesday morning instead of my goal of Wednesday)

234,129 unique page views
441 unique clicks
total cost: $14.03
Comfirmed sales: none.

Compared to last week, I had almost 100,000 more unique page views, but only a fraction of the actual clicks. This was comfirmed through my website tracking as well. I made no sales through the ads that I am aware of, despite putting offers for a free polishing cloth for anyone who mentioned where they found me. The cost was much less, but the clicks and sales were very low.

I think I'll go back to the broader approach, but with a firm budget to stick to. I'll be sure to let you guys know about any new and exciting results I get :)


woolies said...

so it's the broad approach that worked best for you? I've tried it both ways as well.

Nicole Solo said...

Yep, broad works best for me. I've tried paying more for advertising on specific handmade/craft sites, but never did see any real results from those.

Water's Edge Treasures said...

I haven't seen this concept before... does it really work? (BTW, beautiful jewelry!)

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