Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The New Secret To Making Etsy Sales?

The secret? Apparently it is to get really really sick! I've been puny for a couple weeks now, not sure what I have but its really hard to eat so I'm just weak and tired and achy all the time, and have been mostly away from my computer. But while I've been away, the sales have been rolling in! Ok -- its not just Etsy; I've also made a sale on Ecrater and another on good ol' Dawanda (and a couple smaller sales through offline contacts). Its actually been enough to pay off my dentist bill (I think my tooth pain was actually related to whatever is making me feel so crappy because the dentist didn't find a damn thing), and almost enough for a trip to urgent care if I keep getting so faint. Don't forget, dear readers, that this is my full-time gig. And after rent, webhosting fees, phone, electricity, and groceries, to have enough left over for a doctor's appointment is quite a feat. I've also somehow managed to keep on top of orders, with only two very understanding customers recieving a slight delay.

So if you feel like supporting an uninsured, low-income gal, take a look through my Etsy shop, and see if I've got anything you like :) Meanwhile, I'm going back to bed!


Da Old Man said...

I hope you feel well soon.

Brandy said...

I certainly hope you start feeling better soon so you can spend that money on something fun instead of the doctor.

Anna Lee said...

Congratulations on the increased sales! Hope you're feeling better tho... Your metalwork is wonderful.

Browsing your flickr photostream I thought wow, such great studio process pics - she should do a tutorial - and here I find a fab pictorial!

Great stuff. Keep it up, eh? :)
-AnnaLee from Toronto

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I hope you will get well soon.

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