Monday, June 9, 2008

Pictorial: How To Make a Custom Mother's Pendant - Part 1

To keep my mind off a toothache, I present to you: How to Make A Custom Mother's Pendant - Part 1 - Making the Bezel Settings.

Step One: Choose your pretties.
Argggg, Matey - Booty!
This custom pendant will use 8mm round moonstone, citrine, and simulated sapphire cabochons.

Step Two: Snip, snip, snip your bezel wire to the correct height.
My bezel strip was too wide, so I cut it using my solder snips.
My strip was way too wide for these stones, so I trimmed it.

Step Three: Mark the length of bezel strip you need for each stone.
Marking the length needed for this stone.

Step Four: Cut to length.
Cut to mark using flush cutters.
Flush cutters save on cleanup time.

Step Five: File the edges to make a perfect seam to solder.
Filing the edges perfectly square.

Step Six: Seeee?? (No gap)
Make sure the edges meet perfectly.

Step Seven: Flux and solder.
Solder with hard solder.
(click photo for solder tips)

Step Eight: Pickle.
Pickle Pot.

Step Nine: Round and enlarge bezel if neccesary.
Enlarging on a bezel mandrel, with rawhide hammer.
Should just fit over stone, but not too tightly.

Step Ten: Cleanup.
I like to polish the inside of the bezels before soldering onto backing.
I like to do a little bezel cleanup at this stage.

Step Eleven: Sand bezel to correct height.
Sand down the edges using a figure-8 motion.
Figure-8 motion helps keep the height uniform.

Step Twelve: Repeat previous steps for additional bezels.
As you can see, very uneven bezels.
(Picture taken PRE-sanding)

Stay tuned for part two, to be completed after I get a dentist's appointment :)

Pendant with one bezel soldered.


Simply Wired Custom Jewelry said...

Nicely done!

Silver River Jewelry said...

love it!

Da Old Man said...

Amazed by how much work goes into your artistry.

Shayne said...

Step 6 takes the cake.

LazyTcrochet said...

This was fun to see. It is amazing how much work is involved. Well done and thanks for sharing!

Absolutely Small said...

Oh, and! I've tagged you for the Arte y Pico award.
(details are on my blog)

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