Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Iolite Ring

Iolite Ring 4, originally uploaded by Nicole Solo.

Mom always orders my best stuff! This time I have extra stones, though, so if you would like a lovely Iolite ring in Sterling Silver please visit http://soloartworks.etsy.com!


kristy said...

beautiful blue color.

your jewelry at etsy is so pretty! i love the scalloped ring.

cindy said...

A beautiful new ring Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Lovely ring! I am taking a silversmithing class next weekend and CANNOT WAIT! Right now, I melt bezels really well lol! I don't have any soldered pieces yet ( I can do findings, wire, chain), but please check out my blog and LMK what you think: http://www,sandtcreations.com/wordpress

Contrariwise said...

The twisted wire around the bezel is so well done!

Lovely job and a beautiful ring.

JMW Jewelry said...

You've been tagged!! http://jmwjewelry.blogspot.com/2008/11/seven.html

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